mercredi 12 octobre 2016

Free Webcam Chat
Erotic webcam chat, the last business: 3 euros per minute for a webcam girl It is the new online phenomenon that reveals the secrets of the book published by Miami, 'Diary of a Webcam Girl '. Written by Helen, nickname behind which lies a young man of 24 years who lives in Milan.  
According to a survey carried out by the website, would be 75,000 students that use their bodies to pay for studies

Chat-line that sells sex, searches in London
Announces chatting their own suicide, but it was a joke
Run over and dragged by a car dies at 74 years
He wears a jacket and tries to escape, arrested
Found with an ounce of coke in the House, arrested 22-year-old
They stole at night in cars
Two young men end up in handcuffs
Elder disappeared, research in progress

These few figures of the business that revolves around the webcam girls, new phenomenon that reveals the secrets of the book published by Miami, 'diary of a Webcam Girl '. " The cam girl-Helen tells The Financial Times, nickname behind which lies a young man of 24 years who lives in Milan, author of the book-it's a girl getting naked in front of a webcam; but the relationship with the user is not limited to the sexual sphere, there are those who pay just to talk. "

"The site, to which you can subscribe easily from the internet giving only data and bank account details-referring Helen-has some very precise rules: for example you can never have personal meetings with customers, everything must remain virtual, you can't give privately data for which you have to pay, like the telephone or the mail, it is also prohibited to individuals on other sites : in the end, all that revenue, we rightfully on 40%, which is directly deposited into your bank account. "

"I started out of necessity-continues the author-now I love it and I enjoy it, I honestly can't find anything wrong, online job for three years. The screen gives a strong position. Before I was a shy girl and shut, exhibiting on the internet I have gained more confidence in myself. I also like to write, but I'm not going to give up for that, though if you get the chance, so be it! ".

"All revenues depends a lot on you, from how many hours remains connected. I know there are many women who earn enough to keep, so evidently a good profit is there and you can get-more or less-viewed Helen continues are always the same, within a week you could get to know them almost everyone, obviously other than sporadic; There are some who have registered already at the beginning of the site. The men decide to enter these chat rooms for different reasons: some for solitude, about to escape, others for fun or just to chat. Bothers me the cliché so the cam girl would be a kind of prostitute and who use the service in desperate without other alternatives: I came into contact with celebrities, so it's obvious that it's not just that, there's also a fair amount of curiosity ".

"I don't want to be a master category and I don't think this is just a youth phenomenon, concluded the girl-each one makes his choices, I tell my story: on line you can find students who need money to pay for his studies as women 50 years looking for a way to earn money to help her husband make ends month or to keep their children. Limit the experience to the world of children is an understatement, there are just teenagers get naked to buy designer suit or shoes in fashion ".

According to a survey conducted by one of the sites most frequented by young people, would have 75,000  students that use their bodies to pay for their studies, about 21% of 350,000 student workers, who are paid to do, in addition to the cam girl, even escorts, dancers, lap dancers until prostitution itself. Similar data can be found in other European countries, and are very similar to those recorded in Spain, France, England and Germany.

"It is a phenomenon which seems closely related to the request. More girls are clicked more gain. And this could configure incitement to prostitution, "comments with Financial Times psychologist Rita Parsi, President of the Child Movement.

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